How to apply for CASS Honours


Standard application dates: 

  • 31st October for first semester entry (of the next year) 
  • 31st May for second semester entry (Psychology specialisation only = 30 April)


Check the requirements for Honours on the correct Honours site

Which Honours program you apply for will depend on the undergraduate degree you are currently enrolled in or have completed. For example: If you want to do Political Science and International Relations Honours, and you have, or are about to complete, a Bachelor of Arts, you would refer to the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) page – Political Science and international Relations honours specialisation.However, if you have a Bachelor of International Relations, then you would refer to the Bachelor of International Relations (Honours) page. This applies for both students who have an ANU degree, and those from external institutions.

If you are from outside of the Australian National University, and your degree, or equivalent, is not listed below, then please contact the College of Arts and Social Sciences student office.

Please refer to the Honours programs and courses sites here:



Please note that according to the Coursework Award rules 2016 of the ANU, Section 18 point (3) says:

"If a person is admitted to a 1-year honours program for a degree of Bachelor Honours, the person must enrol in the program within 2 years after the day the person completes the requirements for the award of the pass degree relevant to the program or, if the Delegated Authority, in writing, determines a longer period, that longer period." That is, that students must apply within 2 years of completing their UG degree, or they are ineligible to apply (as they couldn’t start within two years, as it has passed). If you completed your Undergraduate program more than 2 years ago, you may like to consider a Masters program. More information can be found here

Complete the Thesis Supervisor Confirmation Form

Before completing this form you will need to have:

  1. met the requirements for entry into the program
  2. have a thesis proposal
  3. found a Supervisor who is willing and able to supervise you for the entire period of your candidature
  4. contacted the Honours Convenor for your discipline for their approval of the supervisor
  5. contacted the Head of School of the discipline of your supervisor for their approval of the supervisor.

If you do not have a supervisor, if probably would be best for you to contact the Honours Convenor of your discipline. They can direct you to a suitable academic who has similar research interests as you. A list of them can be found here. You should discuss with your supervisor your thesis; it is a good idea to have a proposal for them in advance.

Once you have done these things, you should download the Thesis Supervisor Confirmation Form.

You can fill out as much of this form as you can and save it as a soft copy. You can then send it to your potential Supervisor, Honours Convenor and Head of School for them to add their electronic signatures. You do not need to attach the thesis proposal to the Thesis Supervisor Confirmation Form. This is between you and the supervisor. You may also provide an email trail if you, or any of the signatories, are unable to sign the form.

Tips on how to fill out the Thesis Supervisor Confirmation Form.

Your student ID is your current ID. If you are from an institution outside of the ANU, fill in your current one from your current institution. If you choose part time, then you will need to attach a plan that details your enrolment pattern for you tenure at the ANU. Your proposed thesis topic is maximum of 50 words that give an outline of the topics. The thesis proposal is negotiated between you and your supervisor.

If you are in your third year of your PhB, you only need to fill out the Thesis Supervisor Confirmation Form and return it to the CASS student and Education Office via email - do not apply through the Apply Now button in programs and courses as described in point 3.

If you have completed a Bachelor of Arts and want to apply for Psychology Honours, you do NOT need to fill out the Thesis Supervisor Confirmation Form. Information about what to include in your application through programs and courses (see point three) can be found here. You would apply for Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (as per below) uploading any documents stipulated by the Psychology Department at that site.

Please note that the strict deadline for Psychology Honours is the 30th April for second semester entry and 31st October of the previous year for first semester.   

If you want to apply for Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours), or Bachelor of Design Arts (Honours) and have not studied at the ANU before, you will need to contact the Visual Arts/Design Arts convenor to arrange for any portfolio requirements. Contact details can be found here. You will still need to complete and upload the Thesis Supervisor Confirmation Form once you have contacted the convenor.

Apply through the Study link process

On each of the program pages on Programs and Courses, there is an “Apply Now’ black button in the top right hand corner. Click on this and start your application. If you are an external student, you will need to upload an official transcript from the institution where you completed your Bachelor degree, showing you have completed your program. If this is not available, then you can upload a statement of results. However, you will need to provide this official transcript of your completed program for entry.If you are a current ANU student, you do not need to upload this transcript.

Please note that you should apply for ONE Honours program only, based on what your current or just completed degree.

In the application you will need to upload the completed Thesis Supervisor Confirmation Form with all signatures - electronic or otherwise. You upload this in the "Attachments" section of the application in the "Upload Other Documents" portal. Applications that do not have this form will not be processed.

Also, please note that if you are a current ANU student, you do not need to attach a copy of your ANU transcript. Leave that section blank, and progress through your application.

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