Overseas and local study tours and field trip courses

Overseas and local study tours and field trips are short term courses that allow you to study either a core course, elective unit or intensive course overseas. Intensive courses are usually 2-6 weeks in length and mostly run during semester breaks. They may include multiple stops at multiple destinations, or involve a more immersive experience at just one location.

Our field trips and study tours are diverse and you will have the opportunity to learn with in Australia in locations like in Darwin, Alice Springs, Blue Mountains, Mount Imlay, and overseas in New Zealand, Europe, Vietnam, Indonesia, Paris and more.

Our overseas study tours offer students a unique and hands-on learning experience in their areas of study by interacting with industry experts and developing an understanding of local culture by meeting new people.

Applications are now open for the CASS Study Tour and Field Trip Travel Grant. This grant provides equity funding to facilitate study tours or field trip opportunities for eligible students. Funding is available to assist students who are recipients of government allowance (Youth Allowance, Austudy, Abstudy), have refugee status, or can give proof of financial hardship if not a recipient of government allowance. 

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 Environment Studio: field based research & studio practice in visual arts - CASS field trip or overseas course

Environment Studio: field based research & studio practice in visual arts

Convener: Dr Amanda Stuart

This course provides outstanding field-based visual art engagement opportunities with environments in and around the Canberra region. It offers supervised camping-based field trips that provide primary research opportunities to inform the... » read more

Anzac Battlefields and Beyond: A Study Tour of Gallipoli, London, Paris and the Western Front  - CASS field trip or overseas course

Anzac Battlefields and Beyond: A Study Tour of Gallipoli, London, Paris and the Western Front

Convener: Professor Bruce Scates

Anzac Battlefields and Beyond is a Study Tour of Gallipoli, London, Paris and the Western Front. It is an undergraduate course offered by the School of History, and led by world authority on the commemoration of war, Professor Bruce Scates... » read more

Applied Arabic - CASS field trip or overseas course

Applied Arabic

Convener: Ms Leila Kouatly

This course is a six week in country summer immersion language and culture program conducted in an Arab country/state. A number of extracurricular activities will be part of the course. The course develops students' advanced communication... » read more

Archaeological Fieldschool - CASS field trip or overseas course

Archaeological Fieldschool

Convener: Dr Tim Denham

This course develops practical skills in archaeological fieldwork on field schools administered or co-administered by faculty members of the School of Archaeology and Anthropology. The participants learn modern techniques in archaeological... » read more

Constructing Asia: Governance, Institutions and Identity (Malaysia) - CASS field trip or overseas course

Constructing Asia: Governance, Institutions and Identity (Malaysia)

Convener: Dr Beatrice Bijon

This program is an exciting opportunity for CASS, CAP and CBE undergraduate students to be exposed to a multidisciplinary study of the dynamics and complexities of contemporary Asia by focusing on the politics, culture and economics of the... » read more

Criminology at the Scene - CASS field trip or overseas course

Criminology at the Scene

Convener: Dr Adam Masters

Crime and the social conditions which drive or suppress criminal behaviour vary from place to place. Criminology at the Scene is designed to break down the artificial barriers of understanding crime in different contexts which can incubate... » read more

Culture and Heritage in China Field School - CASS field trip or overseas course

Culture and Heritage in China Field School

Convener: Dr Yujie Zhu

This intensive field-based course will offer first-hand knowledge and experience of heritage management and practices in China. » read more

Global Paris: Culture, History and Identity in the French Capital - CASS field trip or overseas course

Global Paris: Culture, History and Identity in the French Capital

Convener: Dr Gemma King

This course will explore the city of Paris as historical artifact, artistic hub and lived reality, to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the city's complex history and its role in constructing, reinforcing and revising... » read more


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12 May 2022

Study Tours and Field Schools offer our students amazing opportunities to experience hands on learning around Australia and the world. Students are able to work with leading talent and institutions, make a difference to real world issues and to communities, all while working with peers who share their interests and passion. After the disruption of 2020 brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, that saw fieldwork and travel largely restricted into...

Battlefields Study Tour Open for 2020 Applications

20 September 2019

HIST2206: The Anzac Battlefields and Beyond is open for 2020 applications. This overseas study tour takes students across the UK, Turkey, Belgium and France, to the sites on which history was made and to the institutions in which that history is told.  The course offers a unique opportunity to experience history in an immersive study tour overseas. Students will visit the ground on which the Great War was fought, and learn the lessons of a war...

Global Paris 2018: How Paris Was

08 April 2019

3rd year Laws/Arts student Aislinn Grimley travelled to Paris in December for the Global Paris 2018 course, led by ANU French Studies scholars Dr Gemma King and Dr Leslie Barnes.   “How was Paris?” If you approach overseas trips as publicly and as obnoxiously as I do, you should really prepare for the questions you're setting yourself up to field on return. In the case of Global Paris, a long-standing passion project born of Gemma King's...

New Global Rome study course reveals Italy's complex history

01 March 2019

New in 2019 - Global Rome: Culture and Identity in the Italian Capital will take students to Italy, exploring the city of Rome and revealing first hand a complex and engaging history spanning centuries. A city with almost 3000 years of history, incorporating a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Rome is a global city at the heart of culture, politics, and tourism. And in a new and engaging elective course from the ANU College of Arts and Social...

Global Vietnam: Two Weeks in Hanoi

22 February 2019

I’ve become that annoying person who won’t stop talking about their trip abroad. My constant reminiscences of my recent trip to Vietnam to study ‘Global Vietnam: Gender, Labour and Migration’, are now predictable to everyone around me, but extremely justified. Anyone who is interested in history and culture, and willing to ponder the dynamic and multifaceted elements of our globalised world, are bound to fall in love with Hanoi. I was first...

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