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Deciding on a career path whilst in high school/college can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be - we’re here to help!

We want to help students along their career path, find the subjects that they’re passionate about that will aid and prepare them for a long, multi-faceted career.

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School Resources and Activities

CASS Enrichment Program

The CASS Enrichment Program features a number of sessions across a broad range of disciplines. Students will have the unique opportunity to engage with leading researchers on topics designed to deepen their knowledge and interest in the subject area.

ANU Parents and Carers Guide

We even have an ANU Parents and Carers Guide for those who want to be supportive of your university journey.


Undergraduate guides and flyers

CASS CAP Undergraduate Guide

We've put together the CASS CAP Undergraduate Guide that will provide you with all the critical information you will need to undertake your undergraduate studies successfully at CASS.

Bachelor Degree flyers

Want more detailed information about your undergraduate degree? Checkout out our list of Bachelor degree flyers.

Discipline and Course flyers

Want more detailed information about the disciplines you might study? Checkout out our list of discipline and course flyers.

CASS Coursework Guide 

Are you a current CASS undergraduate student? The CASS Coursework Guide gives information about understanding the rules of your CASS undergraduate degree.

My Career Compass

My Career Compass is perfect if you want some ideas of what career/s can come from studying our degree/s.


Languages Guide

ANU Languages Guide

We've put together the Languages Guide that will provide you with all the critical information you will need to undertake your language studies successfully at CASS.


Postgraduate guides and flyers

CASS Postgraduate Guide

Are you thinking of studying a CASS program at the postgraduate level? We've put together the CASS Postgraduate Guide to provide you with all the critical information you will need to undertake your postgraduate studies successfully. Also, the Postgraduate Snapshot provides a handy listing of all CASS Graduate Certificates, Graduate Diplomas and Master Degrees.

Master Degree flyers

Want more detailed information about your Master degree? Checkout out our list of Master degree flyers.



We have created a series of videos about our degree programs, key majors and disciplines, and research strengths for your enjoyment.


Campus tours and Communities

  • ANU offers personalised Campus Tours of our beautiful campus and we tailor the tour to suit you. Every day, we welcome students from across Australia and around the world. We'd be delighted to welcome you too!
  • Did you know that you became part of the global ANU alumni community from the moment you arrived on campus? As current students, you are our future alumni. Check out Things I wish I’d known (from the ANU Alumni Community).


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