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ANUPoll is a quarterly survey of Australian public opinion. The topic of each survey is an issue of national importance. The ANUPoll differs from other opinion polls by placing public opinion in a broad policy context, and by benchmarking Australia... read more

Asian Demography

Home to close to 60 per cent of the world’s population, Asia is the largest and by far the most populous continent. It is also extremely diverse, physically and culturally. Asian countries and regions have their own distinctive histories, cultural... read more

Atrocity Forecasting Project

The project has the overall purpose of enhancing capacity for forecasting mass atrocities and genocide globally and in the Asia-Pacific region. The specific aims are to: develop sophisticated, appropriate, and cutting-edge quantitative forecasting... read more
Australian Foreign/Second Language Pronunciation Pedagogy Research Group

Australian Foreign/Second Language Pronunciation Pedagogy Research Group

The teaching and learning of pronunciation is undergoing a revival. After years of neglect, a number of scholars in different countries are reclaiming the importance of socially comprehensible pronunciation among all the other necessary skills of a... read more
digital humanities, archaeology, museum studies

Australia’s Gen Zs

Contemporary teenagers (Gen Z) are exposed to diversity in ways that are unprecedented, through social media, school and peers. How do they experience and understand religious, spiritual, gender and sexual diversity? How are their experiences... read more

Colonial Women in the ADB

Women account for only 4 percent entries of people in the Australian Dictionary of Biography who 'flourished' during the colonial period. To improve the gender balance, 1500 new entries will be added to the ADB about women of the period. An... read more
Digital Cartographies of the Roman Campagna

Digital Cartographies of the Roman Campagna

This project - a collaboration between researchers at ANU, La Trobe University and the British School at Rome -  examines the relationship between artistic depictions and imagery of the Roman Campagna (the flat plains of the countryside around Rome... read more


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