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Applied Arabic testimonial

Author: Clare Taylor Back in 2019, when I found out that I had been accepted on the Applied Arabic study tour to Amman, Jordan, I felt both excitement and trepidation, simply because I was stepping…

So, you’re thinking about doing your Master's degree? A Q&A with Sumati

Authored by Sumati Maharjan

How I was able to specialise in my passion and area of interest  My interest in the intersectionality of gender and development issues faced by both men and women inspired me to choose my…

Museum and Heritage in China's spice capital

Authored by Edmond Lai

Master of Museum and Heritage Studies student Edmond Lai participated in the Culture and Heritage in China Field School just recently, conducted by the ANU and Sichuan University in China. Edmund…

Bike racks and sheds

Authored by Anna-Marieke ‘Mira’ Lechner-Scott

ANU has changed so much since I began my Bachelor of Arts degree in the late summer of 2018. I remember starting my life at uni, eating hot chips at the short-lived ANU pop-up village with friends I…

A shy student’s advice on learning new languages

Authored by Patrícia Oliveira

People learning a foreign language are often told that the best way to improve their skills fast is through immersion: by living in a country where that language is spoken, and by practicing speaking…

Falling for the art of the European Courts

Authored by Samantha Miller

I’m the type of person whose heart-rate increases when I’m within arm’s length of a monumental painting. I prefer to have a guide when I’m visiting historical sites as I believe contextual knowledge…