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A guide to program transfers within the College of Arts and Social Sciences

At ANU we recognise that students have varied interests that may change over time. Courses that you take during one program may inspire you to change to something more specialised. You may also wish to generalise and take different and varied subjects. Occasionally new students are offered and accept a place within a particular program, but have aspirations to go to another program.

The program transfer process can help in these situations. Students who have met a certain set of criteria are eligible to apply to transfer from one program of study to another. Information on how to apply can be found here:

Example one:

After Year 12 Samantha first preference was for the Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics (BPPE) but unfortunately she did meet the admission requirement (selection rank). She received an offer for the Bachelor of Arts (BARTS), which she accepted.

In her first year of study she enrolled in the same courses that she would have taken had she been enrolled in the BPPE. She studied hard and achieved a grade point average (GPA) at the end of her first semester of 6.3. The GPA required for admission to the BPPE was GPA 5.5 (equivalent to ATAR 91). Based on this excellent performance Samantha decided to apply to transfer from BARTS to BPPE during her second semester.

In her second semester she continued her excellent progress and ended up with an overall GPA of 6.5 for her first year of study. Her application was then assessed and she received an offer to the BPPE. Once she was officially in the new program, she was able to claim credit for all the courses she had done in the BARTS.

Example two:

Kim achieved a selection rank of 93 (including adjustment factors) and received their first preference to the Bachelor of International Relations.

In their first semester of study they took an elective course in development studies and a Chinese language course and they enjoyed these so much they wanted to change their degree to be able to focus on both of these disciplines. Because they already had the minimum selection rank for a Bachelor of Arts (GPA 4.0 or 80 ATAR) they were able to apply to transfer during Semester 1 to commence in their new degree of choice in Semester 2 of their first year.

Note that any previously received selection rank adjustment factors are NOT included transfer applications.

Example three:

Arjuna applied for a Master of Applied Anthropology and Participatory Development (MAAAD). He unfortunately was assessed as not meeting the minimum admission requirement of a GPA of 5.0/7.0. He was offered the Graduate Certificate of Studies (CSTUD) which he accepted.

After taking advice from the College Student Office he enrolled in four courses that were listed in the degree rules for the MAAAD. He submitted a second application for the MAAAD while enrolled in his CSTUD. He worked hard during this one semester program and achieved a GPA of 5.25 and thus was assessed as being eligible for admission to MAAAD, commencing in the next semester. After accepting his offer, and commencing in his new program, he was able to claim credit for all the courses he had done in the CSTUD.

Note all names and programs used in the examples are for demonstration purpose only. 
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