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Global Vietnam: Two Weeks in Hanoi

Authored by Eleanor Foster

I’ve become that annoying person who won’t stop talking about their trip abroad. My constant reminiscences of my recent trip to Vietnam to study ‘Global Vietnam: Gender, Labour and Migration’, are…

Global Paris 2018: How Paris Was

Authored by Aislinn Grimley

3rd year Laws/Arts student Aislinn Grimley travelled to Paris in December for the Global Paris 2018 course, led by ANU French Studies scholars Dr Gemma King and Dr Leslie Barnes.   “How was…

Spectacular Sumba

Authored by Christina Lee

CW: Animal deaths  Each year, ANU anthropology lecturer Dr Patrick Guinness, in partnership with the Duta Wacana Christian University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, runs the Indonesia Field School.…

Hello Helsinki: My first 2 months in Finland

Authored by Anna Vennonen

Ever since I was little I wanted to come here. I used to look at the poster we had on the wall of one of Finland’s 187,888 lakes and tell myself one day I would see it with my own eyes. So…

5 tips for surviving and thriving at university for international students!

Authored by Nadia Setianto

Studying overseas offers great opportunities, but it also means leaving behind your home, your family, your friends, your comfort zone. With all the effort of moving out and settling into a new…

What’s so great about Canberra?

Authored by Milo

To the surprise of everyone except Canberrans, Lonely Planet recently announced that Canberra is one of the top ten cities for tourists in the world. It's high time to revisit some of the things that…