If you are considering furthering your research in sociology you will want to learn from the best in Australia and immerse yourself in the field


Degrees offered

In sociology you can focus your research on constructive engagement with the big issues facing Australian and global societies. The discipline's early focus on issues of inequality, stratification and the experience of migrants living in Australia played a major role in Australia's official shift to multicultural policy frameworks.

Sociology aims to develop both your theoretical and empirical research skills and encourages both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Continuing this tradition of engaged and relevant sociological inquiry, major themes across the University's current teaching and research activities in sociology include:

  • environment and society
  • embodiment and health
  • crime and risk
  • inequality and power
  • culture and identity
  • citizenship and politics

Within these themes you can research issues related to environment, social stratification, gender, education, youth, sociology of industry and organisation, political sociology, genocide, embodiment, health and illness and gambling. Moreover, sociology at ANU offers opportunities to study globalisation, social mobility, mobile societies, cultural politics and many more areas.