Biographical Research and Writing

If you are interested in exploring this fascinating genre through researching and writing biography, you will want to learn from the best in Australia and immerse yourself in the national cultural scene


Degrees offered

Biography allows us to explore some of the most fascinating questions of human existence. How do we come to be who we are? What is the essence of a life and character, and can we as biographers really know that essence? How are narratives of lives shaped by differences of culture, class or gender? Biographical work helps us to understand our history in new ways, and can cast fresh light on whole realms of political and social change. Biographical approaches are growing ever more popular in a wide range of fields, from history to heritage, politics to art.

The Master of Biographical Research and Writing is an initiative of the National Centre of Biography at the ANU. The Centre includes the Australian Dictionary of Biography and other biographical projects, and acts as a focus for the study of Biography in Australia.