Australian Indigenous Studies at ANU

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Country | Kinship | Continuities and the ‘past' | Language | Creative expression | Aboriginal and Islander knowledges | Agency and activism | Social justice | Working together

Interdisciplinary elective courses available to all students undertaking degree programs across the University.

Australian Indigenous Studies

Australian Indigenous Studies is a recognised field of study, part of a global disciplinary network of Indigenous Studies. Indigenous Studies are often conducted in interdisciplinary contexts. Also known as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, this field of study concerns matters of interest and importance to First Nations Peoples.

At ANU, we offer students opportunities to develop insight into the extraordinary breadth, depth and diversity of First Peoples' knowledges and ways of knowing, the diverse perspectives and experiences of Australia’s First Peoples, and to deepen awareness of and respect for Indigenous Peoples' rights.

ANU is committed to creating opportunities for developing Indigenous Studies across all disciplinary areas. Australian Indigenous Studies is part of the University’s Strategic Plan, which recognises our unique national responsibilities. While Australian Indigenous Studies is convened from the Office of the Dean of the College of Arts and Social Sciences, this is a whole-of-University initiative supported by all Colleges.

The University's strength in Australian Indigenous Studies facilitates its commitment to embedding within our curriculum more broadly respect for and insight into First Peoples’ knowledges, rights and perspectives.