What is Exchange?

Exchange is exactly that – a student at the ANU is selected to go to a partner institution and someone at that institution come here in their place. Students are enrolled at the ANU but attend classes at their selected partner institution. It is usually for six months, but that be extended to a year (subject to approval and availability).

Where can I go on Exchange?

A list of partner institutions for the ANU can be found here, but there are discipline specific partners for CASS for students who are seeking credit for specific majors, minors or program lists. You can find that list here.

What is the process to go on exchange?

Details on how to apply for exchange, including the process, deadlines and funding opportunities can be found on the Global Programs and Engagement site.


How does an Exchange fit in my program?

Students must go for a full time load (24 units). There are some cases where a student can go on an 18 unit exchange, but there would have to be a good reason. Talk about this to your Student advisor at a CASS drop-in session if you are thinking of applying for this.

If you are in a flexible double degree, you have a choice as to how your exchange is made up (dependent on approval from your other college). Let us know how you wish to approach this. You may elect to undertake:

  • Arts only exchange: This means that your courses are only going to count for your CASS program. You would be enrolled in 24 units of ARTS5920
  • A combined exchange: This means that you do part of your exchange for Arts credit, and the other part will be credit for your other degree component. For example, if you were in a BA with another degree you may elect to do 6 units for the BA, and 18 units for the other degree. Your enrolment in the shell course will reflect this split.
  • A non-arts exchange: You may do your exchange for the non-Arts component only. If this is the case, we do not need to approve your courses. If you do elect to do this, and you decide to change and do Arts courses overseas and want them to count to your Arts component, you will need to contact us as soon as possible so we can change your enrolment, and then start the course approval process.

It is far easier to go on an exchange for general elective credit. However, students may choose to apply for credit gained on exchange for majors, minors and program list courses. This can make things a little more difficult and will require the student to negotiate courses with the Academic Advisor according to the specific major, minor or program list.

I am a School of Art and Design student, do I do anything differently?

Yes. If you are in a School of Art and Design degree please refer here. All other CASS students keep reading.

How do I get my RAID form approved?

You would fill out the form using the online process through the Terradotta site. Information can be found here.

How do I get approval for the courses I want to do on exchange?

At the ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences we appreciate that the approval process for exchange can be a long one. We have developed a streamlined application form that eliminates the need for you to contact individual convenors and is a one stop shop when applying for exchange course approvals. The form we have developed will guide you step by step and provides you with useful examples throughout. The form provides information on:

  • Credit categories
  • Credit equivalencies
  • Required documentation
  • All available Exchange Partners and credit equivalencies (preloaded in this form for you to select from)
  • A step by step ‘how to’ complete the form

The Exchange Course Approval Form may be found here.

What do I do if I can't find the course outlines in time?

Have you written to the Department/Convenor of the course you want to do overseas? Sometimes the latest outlines are not available online yet, but the Department/Convenor can supply them.

We are unable to enroll you in ARTS5920 (exchange shell course) until we receive the final outlines.

The courses I chose and were approved to do have changed and I am already overseas, what do I do?

Email us the new course/s outlines with a study plan to show where you would like them placed within your degree. (students.cass@anu.edu.au)

Why don’t my grades from my exchange courses show on my ANU transcript?

The grades that you receive at the host institution will not be transferred to your ANU transcript with the credit that you will receive. If you require these grades at a future date, then it is best that you provide whoever is asking with a copy of your transcript from the host institution, as the credit you will receive has a mark of “STE” which stands for “External Credit.”.

I am about to finish up overseas– what should I do?

On completion of your exchange, please ensure that all academic and administrative matters at your host institution are finalised, particularly unpaid fees or fines, which may cause your results to be withheld. The ANU is normally sent an official copy of your transcript but you should get your own copy.

I am back at ANU, what now?

Upon your return to the ANU, you will be responsible for re-enrollment via ISIS. Check the University Calendar for the appropriate dates for re-enrolment for the semester of your return to the ANU. If you require any course advice, please do not hesitate to contact us. It may be prudent to come to another drop in session upon your return to discuss the best courses for you to enroll in.