New methods of data collection, research and analysis are essential so we can make smart decisions in a rapidly changing environment.


Graduate coursework programs offered

Studying demography equips you with an understanding of population change and its impacts on society. Demographers study population dynamics with a focus on demographic processes such as birth, migration, partnering, and death. These processes are at the centre of understanding the development of culture, society, and nation states as well as families and individual life courses.

Demography is also concerned with the interactions between people and the natural and built environment. Demographic skills are required by population researchers, analysts, and policy makers. An understanding of population issues and policies will also build skills for better trained specialists for the health and social care professions, market research, local and national government departments, international organisations and the many other agencies that require a sound social analytical basis for decision-making.

This also facilitates interdisciplinary learning which is critical for understanding complex problems. It provides an avenue for collaboration and exchange of knowledge between academic disciplines at ANU, including for example, sociology, political science and international relations, history, indigenous studies, anthropology, economics, geography, health and environmental sciences.