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Graduate coursework programs offered

Archaeology is the study of past human activities, emphasising interpretations of material evidence. By excavating the physical remains of people, the places they lived, and the objects they made and used, archaeologists gain knowledge of human history and prehistory. Archaeology may be applied to all periods of the human past - from the first evidence of tool-making hominids two and a half million years ago, to the grand civilisations of the ancient world, to the recent history of colonial Australia. The approach of Archaeology gives insights into the lost or hidden behaviour of people and cultures of earlier times.

ANU is a leading international centre for archaeological research on a wide range of aspects of world archaeology and paleoanthropology. Current research is focused on Australia, the Pacific, Southeast Asia and South America, while we also have interests in Africa and Europe. We also have a strong commitment to fieldwork based graduate research in archaeology. Supervisory support is offered over a wide range of theoretical interests including human evolution, bioarchaeology, hunter gatherer archaeology, landscape and environmental archaeology, agricultural origins and dispersals, archaeology and linguistics, stone working technology and archaeological science.

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