Every course has given me different insights… combining the empirical and practical side is giving me many ideas of how I can study my interests.

A desire to find solutions to Japan’s ageing population problem led Nozomi Matsui to a Master of Social Research.

Currently in the second semester of her studies, Nozomi plans to research the influence that government migration policies can have on Japan’s ageing population, and how Japan can better use its extensive population data.

“Japan as a whole country is ageing, and many people don’t realise it will have such a great impact on our future population,” says Nozomi. 

“Few people are seriously studying how national policy can reduce this negative impact from the perspective of population mobility”. 

“Japan has a good registration system and abundant data about population, but this data isn’t utilised much. So I thought this was a big chance for me as a demographer to study the Japanese population.” 

While she hopes to use her newfound knowledge in demography for her work in immigration policy at the Japanese Ministry of Justice, Nozomi first became interested in population policy through her Bachelor’s degree in Asian Area Studies at Tokyo University.

“Since then I have always been interested in this sort of thing – why people move because of national policy or other factors.”

When it came to choosing which university, ANU was Nozomi’s choice because of the combined coursework and thesis Master program. She decided she wanted to return to Australia for her studies after a homestay during her junior high school.

So far, Nozomi has been enjoying her coursework.

“Every course has given me different insights. Last semester we looked at empirical studies and how basic concepts of demography can explain real life,” she says.

“This semester I’m learning about theory, for example how to make projections about future populations based on data like fertility rates.

“Combining the empirical and practical side is giving me many ideas of how I can study my interests.”

Before coming to ANU, Nozomi was concerned about her English, although she needn’t have worried.

“Generally, the ANU environment is very open to both domestic and international students,” she says.

“Before I came here I was worried that my English would be an obstacle to my studies, but in reality, my professors and classmates have helped me share my thoughts. They listen to my opinions and encourage me to share ideas.” 

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