My film was chosen to be kept in the National Film and Sound Archive, which means a lot to me and feels pretty special.

I am studying a Bachelor of Visual Arts, doing my major in the furniture workshop and currently doing electives in textiles and art theory. The Bachelor of Visual arts degree at the School of Art has been so great for me so far and I would strongly recommend it to anyone who is interested.

My favourite spot on campus is probably inside the furniture workshop, which is handy because it's where I spend most of my time. I like it in the workshop because there is always a great atmosphere and everyone there is so friendly. Also because it's a big space and we each have our own work bench which is great for doing work and being creative. There are always interesting projects on the go all around the workshop and we all learn from each other.

If I was free for an afternoon I would probably start work on one of the many side projects I have lined up - first on the list is a work desk for home.

My film (Mannequin – a project created for a course) was chosen to be kept in the National Film and Sound Archive, which means a lot to me and feels pretty special. I have gained some exposure through this and it's something cool to add to my CV. The task was to create a short film using video, digital animation or stop-motion animation. My film was a stop-motion animation about a small artist's mannequin who comes to life and builds himself a friend out of clay. We learnt some great techniques in class for creating stop-motion films using Photoshop and iMovie and then it was up to us to come up with a storyboard and choose how we wanted to make our film. After many hours of photo taking, editing and creating sound effects, I completed my film.

I would love to set up my own workshop and gallery space to produce, display and sell my work in, and to develop pieces for greater circulation. Otherwise maybe venture into interior design or teaching. Whatever happens I would love to stay involved in the art and design world and to keep creating.

Jeremy has since graduated from the university.

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