Twenty new ARC grants for the College of Arts and Social Sciences

On Monday 26 October the Australian Research Council (ARC) released the results of the latest round of Discovery and Linkage Applications.

ANU’s College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS) performed extremely well. Seventeen Discovery Project (DP10) applications from the College were funded, along with two Linkage Project (LP10) applications and one Discovery Indigenous Researcher Development (DIRD) proposal.

The total value of the grants comes to around $5.8 million.

Additionally six postdoctoral fellowships and one professional fellowship were awarded.

The CASS success rate for Discovery Project (DP10) applications was just over 30%, compared with a national success rate of 22.7%.

The successful projects are listed below:

Project TitleLead Investigator
Integrating population perspectives in Asian environmental debatesTerence Hull
The archaeology of cultural interaction: the working lives of Greek colonists and indigenous Syrians in Seleucid SyriaGraeme Clarke
Who were the ancestors of Homo florensiensis?Colin Groves
Technology and behavioural evolution in late Pleistocene Africa, Europe and AustraliaPeter Hiscock
The silent wilderness speaks: the long history of Gallipoli and the DardanellesPeter Londey
Sociability, print and public culture in Romantic Period Britain and AustraliaGillian Russell
War, literary culture and masculinity in Romantic Period Britain, 1750-1850Neil Ramsey
Childhood and modernity: Indian children’s perspectivesDavid MacDougall
The rise of new cultural networks in Asia in the Twenty-First CenturyCaroline Turner
Sounds of Empire: popular politics and music in the Nineteenth CenturyPaul Pickering
How do macroeconomic fluctuations affect the educational choices of young Australians? The 1990-1991 recession, recent evidence, and economic issuesTue Gørgens
Australia and the Antarctic Treaty System: a historical investigationTom Griffiths
The basis of Conscious ThoughtDavid Chalmers
The objects of probabilitesAlan Hájek
The role of science in the policy process: responding to drought in Australia and the USALinda Botterill
Evolvability and the evolution of complexityKim Sterelny

The 2010 Australian Election Study: the dynamics of political choice

Ian McAllister
Deepening Histories of Place: Exploring indigenous landscapes of national and international significanceAnn McGrath

Philanthropy and Indigenous people: Enhancing Indigenous education outcomes

Jerry Schwab
Discovery Indigenous Research Development: 
Through travellers' eyes: Foreign observations of Aboriginal people and British colonisation, 1800-1850Shino Konishi

Further information about the ARC can be found on the ARC website.