2022 CASS Awards for Excellence in Education

Monday 5 December 2022

The 2022 College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS) Awards for Excellence in Education acknowledges the outstanding contribution of teachers - to learning in their fields and creating a valuable student experience.

CASS Dean Professor Bronwyn Parry recognised the outstanding teachers who have shown sustained commitment to the delivery of quality teaching at the awards ceremony.

“2022 was another exceptional application round, with colleagues continuing to demonstrate their ability to engage students with quality teaching,” Professor Parry said.

“I am delighted to announce the recipients of the 2022 Awards, and encourage you to join me in celebrating the contributions of our teachers, academic supervisors, and tutors.”

Despite facing unprecedented challenges due to the pandemic, our teaching staff is committed to embedding excellence in our approach to research and education. They are committed to delivering excellence in education by engaging students with innovative methods.

The CASS community thanks our teachers by recognising their sincere efforts to maintain excellence in teaching and enhancing the quality of teaching and learning.

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2022 CASS Awards for Excellence in Education.

CASS Awards for Teaching Excellence

The CASS Awards for Teaching Excellence celebrate the most outstanding teachers in their fields. The awards recognise teachers renowned for excellence in teaching, who have made a broad and deep contribution to enhancing the quality of learning and teaching in higher education at CASS.

Dr Caroline Schuster


School of Archaeology and Anthropology

Dr Caroline Schuster is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Archaeology and Anthropology, and Director of the Australian National Centre for Latin American Studies (ANCLAS).

Dr Schuster’s teaching philosophy centres on independent student learning and the direct application of analytical skills to real-world issues through self-designed research. Her balanced approach to teaching encompasses intellectual rigour, support of students and ethical sensitivity. These skills encourage her students to read more widely, think more critically, reflect ethically and become independent researchers.

"I have felt that for me, Carly was able to facilitate the kind of learning that benefits me the most, through encouraging critical and creative, expansive thinking. I have found that when she is the teacher, I get so much more out of the course and also produce outputs that feel like a real achievement." - Student


Neil Smith

Winner, Early Career Award

Centre for Social Research & Methods

Neil Smith is a Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Social Research and Methods. He was nominated for his teaching work in CRIM2013 Policing, where he provides students with a range of engaging academic-based and lived experiences to explore the topic. His fresh perspective led to significant improvements to the course including guest lectures from AFP officers and policing experts, and a significant highlight for many students: the AFP Majura training facility Field Trip.

“Whilst his teaching style and methods are superb, Neil’s compassion, understanding and inclusivity are what makes him stand out from other teachers and learning facilitators. It is evident that he wants to ensure each student knows they are supported, especially during their difficult personal circumstances.” - Student


Professor Colin Klein

Highly Commended

School of Philosophy

Professor Colin Klein is the convener of PHIL1005, Logic and Critical Thinking with research expertise in the History and Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Cognition and Philosophy of Mind. Since taking over PHIL1005 in 2019, Professor Klein has introduced innovative teaching approaches including a shift to a ‘flipped classroom’ style with pre-recorded lectures, ongoing assessment, and flexible, interactive in-person meetings that focus on key student needs. This course now provides a solid, consistent foundation in critical thinking for large cohorts of ANU students each year.


Dr Adam Masters

Highly Commended

Centre for Social Research & Methods

Dr Adam Masters is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology and convener of the Bachelor of Criminology. His research spans International Relations, Police and Public Administration, and Causes and Prevention of Crime.

Adam was nominated for his teaching in CRIM1001 Criminological Imaginations: Understanding Criminality and CRIM1002 Criminological Perspectives: Understanding Crime. Dr Masters’ contribution to the innovative design and delivery of courses and programs, and his ongoing commitment to supporting and motivating students’ learning, ensures world-class education experiences for his students.


CASS Award for Excellence in Supervision

The CASS Award for Excellence in Supervision recognises a sustained record of innovative and outstanding supervision of higher degree by research students, including honours and research students within coursework Masters degrees.

Dr Bernard Baffour

School of Demography

Dr Bernard Baffour is the HDR Convenor, and Senior Lecturer in the School of Demography. Bernard’s supervisory practice is strongly influenced by his background, training and learning support experience. He inspires students to break down barriers in statistical thinking leading to transformational research excellence. This involves guiding them to ask questions, seek solutions, and foster an environment of inquiry-based learning and peer support.

“Dr Bernard Baffour has made a huge impact on my PhD journey, and he is truly a great supervisor in many ways. He has shown a great dedication towards the wellbeing of all PhD students, and I have personally benefited from his guidance, mentorship and encouragement. His constant words of encouragement and positivity are always uplifting and inspiring. “ – Student


CASS Awards for Tutoring or Demonstrating

Tutors and demonstrators are responsible for much of the small group teaching at CASS, so they make an immensely important contribution to front-line and hands-on teaching for our students. This contribution has been particularly impactful in 2022, seeing three recipients for this category. 

Soo-Min Shim

School of Art and Design, Centre for Art History and Theory

Soo-Min Shim is a PhD candidate in the Research School of Humanities and the Arts.

Soo-Min was nominated for her teaching work in ARTH2169 Introducing Asian Modernisms, where she has developed innovative and engaging activities for tutorials that encourage students to challenge their preconceptions and actively engage in tutorial discussions. Firmly committed to diversity, it is Soo-Min’s personal passion to teach Asian art history, challenging students to look beyond the Eurocentric confines of art history as a discipline.

“I often get quite anxious about participating in tutorial groups, but the encouragement that Soo-Min gives me, and every other student, makes me feel confident in sharing my opinion, and therefore allows me to gain a greater personal and academic outcome from her tutorials.” - Student


James Lim

School of Philosophy

James Lim is a PhD candidate in the School of Philosophy.

James was nominated for his teaching work in PHIL2116 PPE Integration 2 and PHIL2122 Philosophy and Public Policy. James’s pedagogical approach focuses on developing philosophical skills through student engagement, motivation, and comfort. As a tutor in philosophy/ethics courses, he designs tutorials intending to develop relevant skills including critical and systematic thinking, clear communication, respectful debate,

intellectual modesty, and curiosity.

“I distinctly remember walking into our first tutorial for the course and James broke out into rap. Initially, I was extremely confused. But quickly it became obvious that James' teaching style was something I had never seen before, in the best possible way.”- Student

Serrin Rutledge-Prior

School of Politics & International Relations

Serrin Rutledge-Prior is a PhD Candidate and course convener at SPIR, and visiting scholar at the University of Arizona.

Serrin was nominated for her teaching work in POLS2063 Contemporary Political Theory and POLS2119 Ideas in Politics. Serrin’s approach to teaching is to view the classroom as a forum for learning, not only the course content but important skills necessary for engaging with the world as a lifetime learner. Serrin has developed innovative techniques to stimulate student engagement and reflection and is also leading the way in teaching political philosophy in the School, challenging the dominance of white, male and Western philosophers.

“Serrin’s tutorials finely balance between teaching and student participation. She encourages us to express our opinions but also provides guidance and clarifications when needed. Her summaries at the beginning of the tutorials helped me identify the main learning outcomes.” - Student


Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning

Citations are awarded for a wide range of contributions to student learning. They provide an opportunity for distinctive missions, values, and priorities in learning and teaching to be recognised. This year, the 2022 Citation winners entered as a team. However, due to the strength of their application and contribution to the success of their innovative course the selection panel decided to grant them each their own award.

Professor Bruce Scates

School of History

Alexandra McCosker, School of History

Winner, Early Career Award
School of History

For their course HIST2206: The Anzac Battlefield and Beyond: A Study Tour of Gallipoli, London, Paris and the Western Front

Over 2019-2022, Bruce Scates and Alexandra McCosker conducted a series of Study Tours to enhance and diversify the student experience of teaching and learning. The geographic scope of these tours was immense, focusing on London, Gallipoli and the Western Front in 2019, and on Melbourne, Sydney, Wellington and Auckland in 2022. During 2021, one of the most challenging years of the pandemic, teaching offerings were re-focused on the Canberra region, a regular re-assessment of changing conditions enabling the COVID-Safe delivery of a Study Tour despite severe restrictions.

“There can be no doubt that this course was, as dramatic as this sounds, life changing for me. Thanks to the experience provided by Bruce Scates and Alexandra, following the course I changed my degree to History and War Studies, transferred to ANU full-time and am now completing my honours year at the University. My goal is to follow in the path of Bruce and Alexandra and one day lead educational tours such as this one. I will always look back on this course with nothing but massive gratitude.” - Student

The tours have affirmed the value of face-to-face teaching and learning at a time when the student experience can be isolated. It has promoted critical interaction with memorial sites, museums, archives and civic landscapes, strengthened the university’s engagement with cultural institutions in Australia and abroad; and offered students opportunities to learn from an international network of scholars promoting a sense of global citizenship.


Certificate of Recognition for Education Excellence

This certificate recognises the contribution of staff members who do not otherwise meet eligibility requirements in other award categories, who have made an exceptional contribution to teaching and learning at CASS.

Dr Claire Hansen

School of Literature, Languages and Linguistics

Dr Claire Hansen is a Lecturer in English, specialising in Shakespeare studies. Claire was nominated for her teaching in three major English courses: ENGL3036 Victorian Literature, ENGL2074 Jane Austen History and Fiction, and ENGL3005 Early Modern to Eighteenth Century Literature.

“Her Jane Austen classes have been my favourite this semester. Claire makes a real effort to engage with students and listen to their concerns - every class feels like an equal dynamic between teacher and student and it makes the process so much easier and more interesting." - Student


Nick Willis and Jennifer Munt

Winner, Team Award
School of Philosophy

Nick Willis and Jennifer Munt are PhD candidates at the School of Philosophy. They were nominated for their successful Honours Mentoring Program within the School. This flagship program pairs Honours students with postgraduate mentors from a subfield close to the students’ thesis topic.

The program aims to improve the student experience, address diversity within the philosophy discipline by offering a range of role models for success, and create supportive relationships between undergraduate and postgraduate student communities.

“I was acutely aware of how male-dominated philosophy can be, and so I was very grateful to be paired with a female PhD student. …she has provided valuable advice, from essay plans to career pathways and more. It has been great to get to know another woman in the field so that the idea of a PhD in philosophy doesn't seem quite so daunting” - Student


CASS Award for a Program that Enhances Learning

The CASS Award for a Program that Enhances Learning recognises learning and teaching programs and services that make an outstanding contribution to the quality of student learning and experience within the College.

Dr Solène Inceoglu (with Associate Professor Leslie Barnes, Dr Ashok Collins, Dr Gemma King)

Winner, Team Award
School of Literature, Languages and Linguistics

The French program seeks to advance knowledge in the language, literature, film, and philosophy of France and the wider French-speaking world by delivering world-leading research and an outstanding student learning experience. The program is a vibrant, collaborative, and transdisciplinary team that works together on innovative co-teaching, co-publishing, and outreach work to further the University’s exemplary standing in languages. The program places a strong focus on decolonizing approaches, embedding Indigenous perspectives in the curriculum, and fostering a diverse, safe, and supportive classroom space

“I am now at the end of my undergraduate degree and the French department continues to be a significant part of my life. Next year, I am hoping to commence a PhD program here at ANU, continuing my research in French film. The support, inspiration and mentorship I have received from the entire department have been instrumental in the development of my interests and the progression of my academic career, and I am so incredibly grateful for the range and quality of programs on offer that have facilitated this.” - French student


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