NEW MUSIC by Frank Millward

This concert features New Music for Flute, Viola, Trumpet, and Voice. Performed by Sally Walker, Scott Davie, Justin Lingard, Lucy Carrigy-Ryan, Heather Keens, Edward Neeman and Miroslav Bukovsky.


Works featured:

Broken Verbs – Sonata for Flute, Alto Flute, Piccolo and Piano

Performed by – Sally Walker (Flutes) and Scott Davie (Piano)

Contact, Connect, Tracer – Sonata for Viola and Piano

Performed by – Lucy Carrigy-Ryan (Viola) and Edward Neeman (Piano)

(*Viola Sonata from the Album, Trying to Remember What I Chose to Forget)

Enter – Exit – Sonatina for Trumpet and Piano

Performed by – Justin Lingard (Trumpet) and Edward Neeman (Piano)

Two Songs

Listening In and When It’s Time to Leave

Performed by – Heather Keens (Voice), Miroslav Bukovsky (Flugelhorn), Frank Millward (Piano)


This concert will also mark the launch of the Album, Trying to Remember What I Chose to Forget by MOVE Records. The Album is a recording of three recently published major compositions by Millward. Sonatas, for Violin, Viola and Cello all with Piano, recorded by Graeme Jennings (Violin and Viola), Trish Dean (Cello) and Alex Raineri (Piano).


MOVE Records Album page


Trying to Remember What I Chose to Forget

To live the sounds we have become, is to sing the music of an honest existence.

Cultural strength lies in the balance of honest admission, self-knowledge and the wisdom to live life in the philosophic formation of an evolving openness to honest self-appraisal. A strong culture embraces and traces connections and contact points that salute the sadness and madness of the tangled tango, danced in its unfolding.

It is marked by historical points of admission and truth, remembered, forgotten, hidden and in plain sight. Its memoires detail an understanding of the difference between myth and reality, an acknowledgement of injustice and a willingness to admit and correct wrong doings.

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