Appointments with CASS Associate Dean (Student Experience & Integrity)

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There are a few terms that the Unversity uses, they are defined below:

Course Convener: the Course Convener is normally the lecturer and the first point of contact for most coursework queries. 

Program Convener: the Program Convener is in charge of the major or program and can act as an intermediary between the Course Convener and the student. If the Course Convener and Program Convener is the same person it may be appropriate for the Head of School to be consulted. The Program Convener’s approval is required for a range of coursework issues.

Head of School: the Head of School oversees an academic area and is often able to provide impartial advice. The Head of School has responsibility for the academic welfare and progress of students.

Associate Dean (Student Experience & Integrity): the Associate Dean (Student Experience & Integrity) has responsibility for the resolution of issues/enquiries pertaining to individual coursework students and is the College’s delegating authority for many coursework issues.

Students may also seek the advice of the following in resolving any coursework issues:

If a student has a complaint regarding their study environment they should consult the Problems, Appeals and Complaints webpage.