Course Substitution Application Form for CASS students

CASS students who wish to request a course substitution must follow the CASS Guidelines for Course Substitutions. You should read and understand these guidelines before you complete this application form.

Substitutions may be requested by a student who wants to take a different course offered at the ANU; or who is going on exchange; or who wishes to undertake a study abroad opportunity; or wishes to undertake cross institutional study. Your request must have been discussed previous to applying with  the Academic Convener for the major, minor, specialisation or program list.

This application form constitutes the Approved Cover Sheet required by the Guidelines and must be completed by all students in CASS programs who wish to enrol in a course that is not listed in their degree rules on Programs and Courses.

Please submit a new application for each course if you are requesting multiple course substitutions.


Student Details

Include the u in front of the number
What degree are you in? For example, Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws.

Download your undergraduate degree plan from this site. Complete the plan with the courses you have completed, as well as the courses you are currently enroled in. Scan this form as a PDF, and upload below.

Old Course

The "Old course" is the course that you are seeking to be replaced by the "New" course through this course substitution.

Please give details of the major, minor, specialisation or thematic list
For example: For a specific course: POLS1005 - Introduction to International relations. For a major, minor or list course: International relations major elective course OR BPPE Politics list course. For general elective credit: General elective credit at a 2-3000 level in the Bachelor of Arts.
Please enter the "Programs and Courses" URL for the old course or list or major. For general credit, write "General Credit in my x degree"

New course

This is the course you are asking to use in place of the old course.

Please give the course code, the course name, and the unit value in ANU units
Enter the equivalent credit for 6 ANU units. For example, if you are going to a partner institution that uses ECTS, 30 ECTS = 24 ANU units; Therefore 7.5 ECTS = 6 ANU units.
Enter the URL of the new course from either the "Programs and Courses" site, or from the exchange or study abroad institution
If you only have a PDF of the course outline, upload it here.


In the text box below, please write a case for why the new course should replace the old course. It is important for you to discuss your case with the convener of the major, minor, specialisation, or program before submitting this application. Who they are can be found here.

  • For compulsory courses - (a course that must be taken in a major, minor, specialisation, or in a named degree) - It needs to show that the new course meets each and every learning outcomes for the old course
  • For courses in your program in a thematic list (a course listed in a major, minor, specialisation, or a list in a named degree, such as the 12 unit Politics list in the BPPE) - It needs to show that the new course sufficiently meets the thematic requirements for the old course.
  • For elective course (a course that can be counted in the elective component of your degree if applicable. For exchange and study abroad only) - It needs to show that the course is relevant to the degree for which you are applying.
  • For courses that are designed to broaden knowledge of the relevant discipline or field (for use in any place within the degree) - It needs to show that the course is relevant to the CASS degree in which you are enrolled.

Other Information

Please enter any other relevant information regarding this substitution request.

If your request is for a exchange or study abroad program, please enter details of ALL the courses you are going to be undertaking, their credit value, and how you want them to be credited. This will also include courses you will be taking for other Colleges (do not submit a course substitution for these courses - follow the course approval process for that College)

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