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This form is for the submission of your credit application form for credit from previous study outside of the ANU, plus any other supporting documentation. Please note well that the CASS student office does not give credit estimates to students who have not matriculated into our programs and enrolled in courses.

If you have applied for a degree transfer within the ANU from one program to another (for example, from a BA to a BIR), you need to fill out this form instead.

The process

  1. Download the Application for status (credit) application form, and fill it in manually.
  2. Obtain the course outlines for any courses you want assessed. Convert these outlines into a PDF preferably by scanning them.
  3. Make sure you look through Programs and Courses for equivalent courses at the ANU.
  4. Make a colour copy of your official academic transcript from your previous institution.
  5. Write a brief letter to the CASS Student Office outlining your credit request, what type of ANU credit you are requesting each of your courses to count as and how they count toward components of your degree, e.g. major, minor, set list, etc.
  6. Once you have these four documents, attach your application form, your course outlines and your official transcript together and upload them using the portal below.

Here is an example of what the CASS Student Office requires in your uploaded document.

What is a course outline?

A course outline is a detailed description of the course you have done.  Course entries on the ANU site “Programs and Courses” are good examples of what we require. One line descriptions are not enough. It should be as detailed as possible and include:

  • The name of the course
  • The course code
  • Description of the subject matter/area
  • Unit value
  • Workload statement: e.g.: Two hours of lectures and one tutorial per week
  • Indicative Assessment: What elements make up the assessment and what are their weightings?
  • Reading list
  • Tutorial list: What is the subject and description for each tutorial?
  • A link to the web portal for the course
  • ….. At least. The more detailed course outlines the better.

There are three types of credit you may be given:

  1. Unspecified arts credit being either ARTS1900 (first year/1000 level) or ARTS2900 (later year/2000-3000 level). This credit will count toward the general elective component of your program. Please check that your program allows electives.
  2. Unspecified area credit (such as POLS2900). This will count towards the major/minor/specialisation of that same area, as the elective component of that major/minor/specialisation. If the major/minor/specialisation does not have allowance for such credit, then the specific area credit will be counted as unspecified elective arts credit.
  3. Specified existing course credit (such as POLS1005 – Introduction to IR). This credit will count as that particular course in your program.

Points to note

  • After the credit has been articulated to your program, you must still fulfill the program requirements including specific course requirements of any majors, minors or (if allowed in your program) specialisations you choose, or are required, to undertake. Information regarding the requirements for your program and for all majors, minors or specialisations are available from Programs and Courses.
  • Credit from previous study can take time to process - sometimes a number of weeks, especially in peak periods.
  • The CASS Student Office will only assess applications from students who have officially taken up their place and have been matriculated.
  • If your course outlines are in another language, you will need to translate them.
  • Credit is given for academic courses only.
  • You will receive the credit with the mark "STE" for external credit. The mark you received at your previous institution will not appear on your ANU transcript, but can be found on your previous institution's transcript.
  • You will be notified by email of your credit having been completed to your official ANU email address. The details of your approved credit will be available on your ISIS account.
  • The ANU's official credit policy can be found here.
  • You may also create a document that clearly lists the URLs of the course outlines, if your document is too big. Attach this instead of the course outlines to your upload document.
This documentation must include your Application form (filled out), Your course outlines (as either links in a document, or as hard copies turned into a PDF), your colour transcript. Maximum size of upload is 8 MB.
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