Disability and education access plans

CASS provides a supportive environment for students to seek help and manage a disability.

  1. All Course Conveners must ensure reasonable adjustments are made to the mode of course delivery to ensure access to students with a disability. The following adjustments assist students with a wide range of disabilities and are standard practice: course guides provided at the beginning of semester and lectures recorded. If a student requires further adjustments to course delivery, these should be listed in the Education Access Plan (EAP).
  2. Students who register with Access and Inclusion and with a current EAP must communicate with Course Conveners regarding the implementation of reasonable adjustments to their assessment. Most adjustments cannot be put in place without communication between the student and the Course Convener.
  3. The EAPs are sent from Access and Inclusion to the College and then forwarded to the Course Convener who will base the reasonable adjustments on the information in the EAP, while ensuring that the integrity of the course is maintained and the learning outcomes are achieved. 
  4. Lecturers are encouraged to announce in their lectures that all students with an EAP must communicate with the appropriate academic staff member.
  5. If either the student or the Course Convener have any queries regarding the EAP they should contact Access and Inclusion at access.inclusion@anu.edu.au.
  6. If reasonable adjustments cannot be made that will ensure the student meets the inherent requirements of the a course, a student will not be able to complete the course. In cases where a student is already enrolled and the census date has passed, they can apply for a Late Withdrawal.
  7. Academic staff are not qualified counselors, health professional or disability advisors. If staff are concerned about a student they should contact the Associate Dean (Students) at assocdeanst.cass@anu.edu.au, who can refer them to expert advice.