How we can help you 

We help Undergraduate CASS students to manage degree and program plans, apply for credit transfers, study abroad and much more. Many of these actions will require you to fill in forms, so for a full list of student forms check here.

We also provide assistance with managing your degree functions. Manage your degree functions include:

  • Apply for leave (for International students and Honours Students)
  • Change enrolment - Add/Drop course where:
  • Reduced Study load
  • Add Courses - Overload
  • Add Courses - 3rd Attempt
  • Apply for Late withdrawal
  • Voluntary discontinuation / Program withdrawal
  • Apply for extension of eCoE

More information can be found here

Permission codes

To obtain permission codes, please submit a permission code request through our online form.

Programs and courses and the coursework student guide

Programs and courses provides you information and outlines the rules that govern your program plans. Use that website to view information and rules about your degree, majors, minors, and individual courses. The Coursework Student Guide also gives information about understanding the rules of your CASS undergraduate degree.

The information for pre-2014 programs can be found on the "Study at" pages.