GSS Frequently asked questions

What is GSS?

GSS stands for Graduate Studies Select. GSS is a university-wide suite of programs giving students a flexible option for graduate studies at ANU in which they can create a tailor-made degree based on their academic, personal and professional interests.

Do I have to take courses offered by the College of Arts and Social Sciences?

No. Although GSS is administered by the College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS), you can study postgraduate courses from across the University and do not need to take any CASS courses.

Do I have to come onto campus for all these courses?

Graduate courses are delivered in a variety of formats, including online, intensive and weekly classes on the ANU campus. The information for each course includes details of the delivery mode. The majority of courses are taught on campus.

Can I choose just online studies in the Graduate Studies Select Program?

You can develop your own online degree through the ANU online courses. However, the majority of courses are taught on campus. Please consider your course options carefully before selecting the Fully Online version of the Graduate Certificate of Studies.

Are distance courses available?

ANU does not offer paper-based distance courses. All distance courses require a computer. However there are mixed-mode courses where some of the material is online and some is delivered on-campus over a short period of time.

I'm already in an ANU Masters program and have 48 units. Can I use them to get a Master of Studies degree now?

You will need to apply to transfer from your current program enrolment into the Master of Studies. It may be possible to count courses completed in other graduate programs towards the Master of Studies. You will need to complete a total of 96 units (inclusive of any credit granted) and fulfill other program requirements as set out on the Master of Studies program page.

I've been doing a Masters degree at another university. Can I enrol at ANU and get credit towards a Master of Studies for the courses I've done?

When you apply as a new or transferring student, you will normally be automatically assessed for credit as per the Admission Requirements on the Master of Studies program page. If you do not wish to receive this credit so that you can take further courses in your program, please notify us at as soon as possible after accepting your offer. If you would like further credit, please refer to the information on course credit or exemption and submit an application. You will need to ensure that you can satisfy the program requirements of the Masters when choosing which courses to request for credit. This means completing a sufficient number of units for the required classifications. You will need to provide course outlines for courses completed outside of ANU so they can be classified correctly under the GSS classification definitions. (Refer to the definitions on the About GSS page).

The unit value of credit (status) must not exceed 50 per cent of any award and all applications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Am I able to transfer into other graduate award programs?

Generally yes, but if you want to transfer into an academic program leading to another award, credit for courses completed in the Master of Studies will only be given where these courses can be included in the academic program into which you are transferring. For example, if you took courses in Science, these would generally not transfer into a Master of Finance. You will also have to meet the entry requirements of the program into which you are transferring. It may also be possible to transfer into one of the degrees in the Graduate Studies Program from another graduate academic program. You may receive credit for courses completed in another graduate program. Refer to the Transferring between degrees page for further information on how to transfer.

What award will I receive?

As with all other degrees awarded at ANU, you will receive a testamur showing the name of the degree conferred and a transcript with details of the courses completed with final marks and grades.

How can I get more help?

Please send an email to if you are unable to find your area of interest in our course selections. We can help you find what you are looking for or can recommend other potentially relevant programs. We may also utilise this information to guide our course offerings in the future.

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