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The CASS Student Blog is your opportunity to tell your peers what it’s like to be a humanities, creative arts and social sciences student at ANU. We want to hear about your experiences on campus and off, advice you have for other students, and recommendations for things to do and eat.

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15 Jan 2018, authored by Hero

Picture this. It’s a crisp winter morning; snow gently drifts from the heavens in flurries. You emerge from your brownstone townhouse clothed head to toe in your warmest gear, feeling almost as fluffy as the snow around you. You carefully shut the bright yellow door, stark against the grey morning, and hurry down the steps to work.

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08 Dec 2017, authored by CASS Students

Baffled by the terminology and don’t know where to start? Our explainer will help.   Get fired up  Choose what interests you. If you’ve been interested in a subject since year seven, pursue that. You’ll be at uni for at least three years, so select something that you can sink your teeth into. What’s a preference? UAC says undergraduates must choose up to five courses. In this case, course means a degree, for example a Bachelor of Music. What’s the difference between a degree and a course?  

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27 Nov 2017, authored by Milo

To the surprise of everyone except Canberrans, Lonely Planet recently announced that Canberra is one of the top ten cities for tourists in the world. It's high time to revisit some of the things that make Canberra great, starting with my experiences in Canberra and what I have learned from the country capital.

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13 Nov 2017,

How I was able to specialise in my passion and area of interest  My interest in the intersectionality of gender and development issues faced by both men and women inspired me to choose my degree. Through the Master of Applied Anthropology and Participatory Development program I have gained an understanding of these issues and I am able to use my my acquired knowledge to work on gender issues both in Australia and overseas.

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10 Oct 2017, authored by Courtney

The honours year is much more self-directed and experimental. It’s a chance to explore your own ideas unconfined by general class themes or direction. There is a lot of freedom to decide how you want your research to develop, and having the support of a personal supervisor for the whole year really pushes you to develop your practice in a way that is different from semester to semester projects.

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15 Sep 2017, authored by Jess

Reflecting on all the adventures of the past university break, I could not believe how blessed I was to have had the opportunity to study and travel in China. As part of the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU), ANU students have the chance to study at a partner university during the Australian winter. In July, I was one of 8 students lucky enough to spend a month in Beijing studying at Peking University. I chose to take two courses, one on the Chinese Economy, the other on the Rise of China and Change in World Politics.

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12 Sep 2017, authored by Max S

Being still in my first year, I do lack the knowledge to pass on the top 10 best ways to ace your finals and even the locations of the best coffee spots on campus. I do, however want to lie upon you something far more valuable: my own haphazard experience as a novice at University. For what this article lacks in the tips and tricks to success, it makes up for in honesty. And if you’re wondering what specific facilities and opportunities set ANU against the rest; this article is not for you.

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06 Jul 2017, authored by Rosalind

An Honours thesis can bring out strange things in a person. The flight response, manifesting itself in unparalleled procrastination skills, honed at last to sheer perfection. Perhaps a weeping capacity indicating a reservoir of tears you never knew you had. Or maybe a slow but inevitable transformation into a hunchback after nights of typing in the gloom or huddling in a corner, mumbling about referencing systems. The paths to living one’s truth as a thesis-writer are many, and I encourage you to explore them all.

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26 Jun 2017, authored by Sariel

Passing on lessons for how to make the most out of your ANU and CASS Community Some of life’s best lessons are learnt through experience, though others are learnt through chance encounters and accidental finds on the internet. This article does not intend to give you tips on how to do well at uni or any sort of advice. Instead, I simply wish to pass on the little pearls of wisdom I have accumulated throughout my years at ANU. I hope people stumble across this and learn a little something about what ANU or their specific CASS community has to offer them.

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17 Mar 2017, authored by Julia

When I first set foot on ANU campus on Open Day in 2014, I took one look at the melee of students and the beautiful cherry blossom trees covering University Avenue and knew this was a place where I could spend the next five years of my life. That was the easy decision. But since I was from Melbourne and would need a place to live, I also needed to find a new home. Both my parents had lived in a college during their university days, so it seemed pretty straightforward for me to follow in their footsteps.

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