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Research milestones

CASS is now utilising the new Online Milestones functionality within ISIS. For milestone due dates check your ISIS account. Note you will be sent automatic reminders from the system before your milestone's due date (1 month and 2 weeks before) and again after it is overdue (by 2 weeks). For instructions on how to download your Milestone's form please click here . If you are having any difficulties please contact your School/Centre HDR administrator.A sample of the the old templates used are as follows: Annual Report and Plan for Research Students word Thesis Proposal Review pdf or word

Research support forms

Fieldwork Grant Application word

Research student forms

A link to all ANU forms can be found here. Below are some commonly used research student forms, including CASS guidelines and process documents.

Application for enrolment change

To enrol in your coursework courses (compulsory for students commencing from 2011) you will be required to complete an Enrolment Change form. Students should discuss their coursework enrolment with their Chair of Panel before completing the form. Students should arrange for their Chair of Panel to sign the form before submiting the form to their School/Centre HDR administrator who will arrange for the Head of School to sign before emailing the form to the Student Administration and Records (STAR) Office for processing. Once you are enrolled you will be able to view your enrolment on ISIS and have access to the WATTLE site (if available) roughly 24 hours after being enrolled.

For information on requesting an exemption see the guidelines here.

Application for external attendance in research program

This form is for CASS HDR students seeking to change their attendance status from internal attendance (on-campus) to external attendance (off-campus), as defined in the standard HDR attendance requirements. If you are unsure of these requirements, please see the information included in the form.
The form is a fillable PDF which can be completed either hard copy OR electronically.

  • Hard copy: save and print, then obtain necessary signatures.
  • Electronic: complete relevant sections, sign digitally (you can create a digital signature on the spot if you do not have one), save. The form can then be sent as an email attachment by clicking "share" to your Chair of Panel, who can then complete the Chair section and arrange for the other necessary approvals.

Application for extension of research scholarship

If you are eligible for a scholarship extension as indicated in your scholarship conditions of award, you must submit an Application for Extension of Research Scholarship form. The form must be signed by your Chair of Panel and Head of School before being submitted to the CASS Student Office for consideration by the Associate Dean (Research Training).

Application for extension of research program

Before submitting an Application for Extension of Research Program, please read the CASS Guidelines for Extension of Research Program information available here.

Take annual leave

Higher Degree Research (HDR) students are expected to work on their thesis for 48 weeks per year. Candidates may take up to four weeks of recreation leave in each 12 months they are enrolled by arrangement with their supervisors and their department. Students are not required to submit an application for annual recreation leave, however School/Centre procedures may require the completion of a annaul/recreation leave form. Annual recreation leave taken will not alter the expected thesis submission date. Please discuss your Annual Leave with your Chair of Panel and School/Centre HDR administrator.

Application for leave of absence from research program (and scholarship)

If you need to take leave of more than one week (full-time) duration for medical, maternity or personal reasons which is not part of the normal four weeks of annual leave, you are required to complete an on-line leave request form, available from the above link and on the ANU student forms page under Current Research Students.

This is a new process which started on the 24th of January 2014 (as opposed to the old hard copy forms) which will help to make sure that scholarships and thesis submission dates can be recorded more accurately with less risk of incorrect scholarship payments or wrong calculations of the date at which you are due to submit. Please note the following:

  • Candidates are reminded that where possible leave should be discussed with your supervisor well in advance and application for leave should be submitted as early as possible to ensure that scholarship overpayments or incorrect submission dates are avoided.
  • Leave for medical reasons will require supporting documentation such as a medical certificate to cover the complete period of leave applied.
  • The minimum amount of leave that can be taken is 5 consecutive working days for a full-time student and 10 consecutive working days for a part-time student.
  • After you complete the online leave form you will receive a confirmation email from the Student Administration and Records Office (STAR).
  • Your leave application will then be circulated for approval by your Chair of Panel and Head of School. If you are in receipt of an ANU administrated research scholarship the application must be also be considered and approved by the Associate Dean (Research Training).
  • If your leave is not approved you will be notified via another email.

Returning from leave form

All HDR students are now required to complete a short, on-line form to confirm their return to studies. You will be given a link to this form in the letter you receive confirming your leave. Please complete the form on the day you recommence your studies after taking leave.

For more information about leave (including taking leave when on extension of program and if you are an international student) and when you should apply to take leave please visit Managing your program.

Application for change of intensity in research program

If you wish to transfer from full-time study to part-time study, or from part-time study to full-time study you must submit an application for change of intensity. The form must be signed by your Chair of Panel and Head of School before being submitted to the CASS Student Office for consideration by the Associate Dean (Research Training).

Scholarship holders transferring to part-time study load

If you are on Scholarship and intend on transferring to a part-time load you will need to read your scholarship conditions of award to check your eligibility. Valid reasons are typically for medical reasons or carers responsibilities which will require supporting documentation in the form of medical certificates or other form of confirmation of carers responsibilities. Additionally you should consider the impact it will have on your scholarship rate of pay as part-time Scholarship holders are not exempt from Australian Income Tax. If you are eligible to claim the tax free threshold you will need to provide a Tax Declaration form to the Student Administration and Records Office (STAR) via the Student Central reception desk before your load change can be processed. For further information and advice please contact the HDR Scholarships Officer on 6125 7254 or

Application for change of research program

If you wish to transfer from an MPhil program to a PhD program, transfer from a PhD program to an MPhil program, or transfer your current program to another School or College, you must submit an application for transfer. The form must be signed by your Chair of Panel and Head of School before being submitted to the CASS Student Office for consideration by the Associate Dean (Research Training).

If you are transferring from one School or College to another, the form must be signed by your current and future Chair of Panel and the relevant Head of School and relevant Associate Dean (Research Training) for the College.

Candidature details update form

If your Supervisory Panel or Topic description requires updating you should complete this form. You can add, swap or remove advisors, your supervisors or chair and/or update your research topic description/title. After filling out the form you should gain approval from your current Chair of Panel and then submit the form to your School or Centre administrator. The School/Centre Administrator will then seek approval from the Head of School/Director of Centre. The form is then sent to the CASS Student Office for processing.

Note If you are changing your Chair of panel, both the current and new Chair of panel should sign the form. For any changes you will need to specify a reason for the change.

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