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This information is for CASS students currently studying at the ANU who are thinking about going on an exchange program.

Exchange is exactly that – a student at the ANU is selected to go to a partner institution and someone at that institution come here in their place. Students are enrolled at the ANU but attend classes at their selected partner institution. It is usually for six months, but that be extended to a year (subject to approval and availability).

School of Art and Design students have their own process for going on exchange, that is organised through the School. You can read about it here. The process outlined below is for CASS students who are NOT taking a School of Art and Design exchange.

A list of partner institutions for the ANU can be found here, but there are discipline specific partners for CASS for students who are seeking credit for specific majors, minors or program lists. You can find that list here.

Student must go for a full time load (24 units). There are some cases where a student can go on an 18 unit exchange, but there would have to be a good reason. Talk about this to your Student advisor if you are thinking of applying for this. Flexible double degree students may apply for an exchange entirely for their CASS program, or as a split between the two programs (to be negotiated), or an exchange entirely for the non-CASS program.

It is far easier to go on an exchange for general elective credit. However, students may choose to apply for credit gained on exchange for majors, minors and program list courses. This can make things a little more difficult and will require the student to negotiate courses with the Academic Advisor according to the specific major, minor or program list.

A list of the Academic Advisors for majors and minors can be found here.

A list of Academic Advisors for named programs can be found here.

Details on how to apply for exchange, including the process, deadlines and funding opportunities can be found on the Global Programs and Engagement site.

If you have been approved to go on exchange in first semester 2019, you will have received an email outlining the process as well as many other important details of this course exchange process. However, in a nutshell, a brief overview of the process for CASS students is:

  1. Attend an UG drop in session to discuss going on exchange.
  2. Sign up for the Global programs system and research partner institutions (see above for CASS recommended partner institutions)
  3. Download the College approval form and fill it in.
  4. Attend another UG drop in session to get your form checked and signed.
  5. Upload the form to the Global programs system.
  6. Wait for the result. If approved, you will receive notification from Global Programs saying where you have been nominated.
  7. Attend a session with CASS to discuss what is left in your program, and to sign the Enrolment Change Form.
  8. Research courses at your nominated partner and find course outlines
  9. Liaise with your Academic advisor for each discipline you want credit for. For general credit requests, contact the CASS Student and Education Office.
  10. Wait for your course approval letter
  11. Go on exchange and do the courses in the letter. If changes are needed after departure, then contact the Academic Advisor and cc in the CASS Student and Education Office
  12. Get on official transcript before your return, and hand it to the CASS Student and Education Office for credit processing.

If you are sucessful in your application,  you will be enrolled in the placeholder course ARTS5920 – Arts Exchange in the semester you will be undertaking the exchange. This does not have a unit load, and you will receive an EE grade (‘Enrolled elsewhere’). Your grades from your exchange program will not be listed on your ANU transcript. Upon completion of your studies, please ensure that you obtain either an original or a certified copy of your official transcript from the host institution that clearly shows your result so that credit may be recorded. You may hand it in at the CASS Student and Education Office, or send it as a PDF attachment. You will not obtain credit if you have completed courses other than those listed on the course approval letter.

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