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Online Milestones

All CASS HDR Students must complete their milestones utilising the online Milestones functionality on ISIS. Hardcopy milestone forms will not be accepted or processed.

HDR Milestones at the ANU are administrated through ISIS. For milestone due dates check your ISIS account. Note you will be sent automatic reminders from the system before your milestone's due date (1 month and 2 weeks before) and again after it is overdue (by 2 weeks). For instructions on how to download your Milestone's form please click here . If you are having any difficulties please contact your School/Centre HDR administrator.

The system works by providing you with a RTF editable template document that must be downloaded, completed, saved, and then uploaded back into ISIS. You will then be able to submit your completed milestones form to your Chair of Panel (who will receive an email notifying them when this is done).

The system will record your ID and a date/time stamp, so there is no need to physically sign the document, which means that the entire process can be kept online.

A step by step guide for students is available here: Online Student Milestone Report Submission User Guide. Please note that there has recently been an upgrade on ISIS, therefore the illustrated images differ from the actual system. A new guide will be replacing the current one in due course.

A FAQ's on HDR Milestones is now available please read this handy guide before you start your milestone.

A sample of the the old templates used are as follows: Annual Report and Plan for Research Students word Thesis Proposal Review pdf or word

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2017 CASS HDR Student Guide  

The 2017 CASS HDR Student Guide has been developed to provide CASS students with useful College specific information to ensure that they have all the information they require about their HDR program and to help them maximize their experience as a research student in the College of Arts & Social Sciences at the ANU.

This guide should be read in conjunction with the ANU program administration webpages and the curent ANU Research Award Rules and other ANU rules, policies, procedures and guidelines. Students may also receive a discipline/school specific guide from their CASS HDR Convenor.

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Research Integrity Training Online

Research Integrity Training is compulsory for all ANU research students and should be completed before your first annual plan and report milestone. The module is available through WATTLE. Current HDR students will automatically be enrolled in the WATTLE course.

The course consists of 10 short modules:

  • Research misconduct
  • Publication and dissemination
  • Conflict of interest
  • Supervision
  • Collaborative research
  • Human research ethics
  • Fieldwork involving people
  • Data management
  • Plagiarism
  • Animal ethics and recombinant DNA

You can read through and complete the course in any order. We estimate it will take approximately two hours to complete. Further information on how to access the course and the minimum requirements to pass the course.

Students who have previously attended one of the face-to-face 'Responsible Research Culture at ANU' workshops delivered by Dr Simon Bain are not required to complete the online Research Integrity Training. 

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Forms for HDR students

Most forms are available through ISIS. Exemption forms, e.g. for retrspective applications, are on the Forms for Higher Degree Research Students - PhD and MPhil Students page.

To set up or update your supervisory panel and thesis title, use the CASS HDR Panel Details Form.

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Fieldwork and Conference Funding

  • Fieldwork and Conference funding applications are administrated through each CASS School or Centre. Please contact your local School/Centre HDR administrator to find out how to apply, including any relevant forms, prerequisites, or policies.

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Preparing to submit your Thesis

Formatting? Spacing? Margins? Binding?

How many copies? Confidential parts? Restricted access?

How to notify my intention to submit? What happens on my submission day? …and many other questions are answered in this Guideline on Thesis Submission & Examination

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PhD by Publication or Compilation

If you are thinking about submitting your thesis by Publication/Compilation you may be interested to read the following article:

A PhD by Publication or how I got my doctorate and kept my Sanity

Also the updated guidelines are now available on the ANU policies site.  

If you intend on submitting your thesis by Publication/Compilation you will need to seek approval early on in your candidature, ideally at the point of your first Annual Plan and Report, or at least 12 months before submission. The current CASS procedure for approval is as follows:

  1. Student emails the Chair of Panel requesting approval to submit by Compilation and includes a plan for the publications and supporting papers (the equivalent of a thesis outline).
  2. The Chair of Panel then emails the Head of School or Director of Centre endorsing the request and adding any additional comments (as required).
  3. The Head of School/Director of Centre then endorses the request by emailing
  4. The Delegated Authority (Associate Dean (Research Training)) assesses the application. 
  5. If approved, the student and Chair is advised, a comment is added on the Student System and the paperwork is sent to the student's official file. If there are issues the student and/or School/Centre is contacted to provide additional information .

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Academic staff profiles

Academic staff profiles for all ANU academics can be found on the ANU Researchers site, a useful resource for building your supervisory panel.

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ANU Research Skills and Training

The ANU Research Skills and Training assists research students with responsible research practice and ethics clearance.

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Programs & Courses entries for College of Arts & Social Sciences HDR Coursework Program:

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