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HC Coombs Creative Arts Fellows over the years


George Dreyfus

George Dreyfus, 1967

George Dreyfus is an award-winning Australian composer. He started his career as a bassoonist and in 1953 was part of the ABC’s Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. He later became a freelance composer, writing TV and film scores, his most famous being the theme for the TV show Rush. In 1992 he was made a Member for the Order of Australia for his services to music.

Don Banks, member of Synchronos with Jozef Stanislaus Ostoja-Kotkowski

Synchronos, 1972

Synchronos was an experience in sight, sound and space, performed in 1972 by two Fellows: Jozef Stanislaus Ostoja-Kotkowski and Don Banks. Ostoja-Kotkowski was a pioneer in engaging his art with technology. His work often aimed to combine art, sciences, engineering and the humanities. Banks was a composer who founded an electronic music studio at the Canberra School of Music in 1973, and was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia in 1980.

Robyn Davidson

Robyn Davidson, 2005

Robyn Davidson is an avid explorer and a gifted writer, and is most well-known for her 1977 book Tracks chronicling her 1,700-mile trek across the Western Australian deserts. While training for her desert trek in Alice Springs in 1975, she also became a campaigner for Aboriginal rights. A film adaptation of Tracks was released in 2013.

Narritjin Maymuru

Narritjin Maymuru, 1978

Born in 1914 to the Mangalili clan Aboriginal artist Narritjin Maymuru was – along with his son Banapana – one of the first Aboriginal artists to be awarded the Fellowship. Maymuru’s life as an artist included being a performer, an advocate, a politician, a clan head, a ceremonial leader, a philosopher and an entrepreneur. Maymuru believed that art had the power to transcend cultures.

Arthur Boyd

Arthur Boyd, 1971

One of the leading Australian painters of the 20th century, Boyd came from a dynastic family of architects, sculptors and painters. He was an expert on changing technique dependent on preferred style, media and location. His artwork is in galleries in Australia and internationally.

William Yang

William Yang, 2007

William Yang is a renowned Australian performance artist, documentary maker and photographer. Since 1989 he has combined his images with words and music, performing monologues with slide projection. His work often explores issues of identity, and is in many national collections.



ANU Creative Arts Fellows, 1965-1997

1965 Sidney Nolan, painter
John Perceval, painter
1967 George Dreyfus, musician, composer
1969 Arthur & Corinne Cantrill, film makers
Rodney Hall, writer, musician
Christina Stead, writer
1971 Arthur Boyd, artist
Stan Ostoja-Kotkowski, mixed media artist
1972 Don Banks, musician, composer
Norma Redpath, sculptor
1973 John Hopkins, painter
Keith Looby, painter
Malcolm Williamson, composer
Judith Wright, poet
1974 Ian Macdougall, composer (jointly with Music Board of the Australia Council)
1975 Archie Brennan, weaver
Jan Senbergs, painter
1976 Bea Maddock, printmaker
1977 Don Burrows, musician, composer
Dusan Marek, painter
Tim Moorhead, ceramist
John Reid, graphic designer
1978 Margaret Benyon, holographist
Alan Gould, poet
Xavier Herbert, writer
Banapana Maymuru, painter
Narritjin Maymuru, painter
Clive Scollay, audiovisual artist
Penny Tweedie, audiovisual artist
1979 George Golla, musician
Graeme Koehne, composer
Michael Le Grand, sculptor
Michael Taylor, painter
Garth Welch, choreographer, dancer
1980 Don Asker, choreographer
Rudi Krausmann, editor of Aspect
Trevor Nickolls, painter
1981 Noel Counihan, visual artist
1983 Jean-Pierre Voos, artistic director and John Du Feu, dramaturg, International Research Theatre Group KISS
1986 Ron Robertson-Swann, sculptor
1989 Judith Clingan, composer
Martha Ansara, film maker
1991 Kate McNamara, writer
1995 Udo Sellbach, printmaker
1996 Gordon Bennett, painter
Robin Wallace-Crabbe, painter
1997 Fiona Hall, sculptor
Gary Kildea, film maker

HC Coombs Creative Arts Fellows, 1998-2017

1998 Margaret Barbalet, writer
Kay Lawrence, artist
1999 Peter Callas, video artist
Mark O’Connor, poet
2000 Geoffrey Lancaster, fortepianist, conductor, musicologist
Naminapu Maymuru White, painter, printmaker
2001 Christine O’Loughlin, sculptor
2002 John Harding, writer
Anne Rochette, sculptor

Richard Stanford, new media artist

2004 Nigel Westlake, musician, composer
2005 Robyn Davidson, writer
Michael McGirr, writer
2006 Jon Rhodes, photographer
2007 William Yang, performance artist, photographer
2008 Frank Moorhouse, writer
2009 Michael Callaghan, artist
2010 Paul Grabowsky, composer, with Australian Art Orchestra and Young Wagilak Group
2011 Brenda Walker, writer
2012 Roland Peelman and The Song Company, vocal ensemble
2013 Chris Drury, artist
2014 Kim Mahood, writer, artist
2015 Andrew Farriss, songwriter, INXS
2016 Amanda Lohrey, writer
2017 Christian Thompson
2018 Mark Opitz
2018 Andrew Ford


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